What's up my dudes! My name is Stuart Carter, I am seasoned, professional filmmaker (I actually call myself a visual storyteller), and am currently on a super exciting journey creating content on YouTube, which for some bizarre reason has exploded. I was born and raised in London England. However over the last few years, most of my commercial film work has taken me to some amazing locations around the world! I began making local skate videos when I was young, then in my early teens I found some success in prank videos which almost lead to a "Jackass UK" show on TV... (It is now, in this day and age, I am happy it didn't).


I have been blessed to shoot commercial content as a lead filmmaker for Sony music, Nike, Suzuki to name a few. I was lucky to spend 6 months across the United States this year as the lead videographer for Columbia Records, Including creating video content for Luke Combs (Beer never broke my heart guy), currently sitting at 23 million views.


I feel incredibly Lucky to have Been flown to over 20 countries to film commercial work for household brand names and to around 7 countries to shoot cinematic wedding films, over the last 5 years! My career as a filmmaker has led to 40,000 social media followers, which in a weird indirect way, led me to also starting a social media growth business on the side, one that now runs & manages 72 social media accounts in 12 countries. At this point you are probably noticing the sporadicness of my offerings... Lets just say reading Timothy Ferris's book - The 4 hour work week has rubbed off on me and I am experimenting with multiple income streams at this stage.


My background is mainly director of Photography focused, learning most of my skills on set as an extra and shadow studying on set of Guy Ritchies King Arthur, but have since progressed on and moved to predominantly global commercial work. I tend to book 3 or 4 big projects a year and this leaves adequate time to put my focus on less, but bigger projects. If I am being honest, as I have progressed as a filmmaker, I have stepped further and further away from weddings & smaller shoots, which I am sure most can appreciate - It is a natural progression as you get better to chase bigger goals. 

2021 is looking super interesting with my YouTube channel growing exponentially, for some bizarre reason in 9 months over half a million people have come to watch me talk about subjects i care deeply about. Subjects like Minimalism, Productivity, self development etc are a huge passion of mine. A million minutes watch time was no easy feat, but yet, I am here and loving the journey i am on. I have recently monitized my channel which has been a life saver throughout the COVID 19 riddled year. Because of this and the fact I now sell over 500 downloads a month, YouTube is an area I am actively exploring full on right now, this has become a full time endeavour for me so for the time being I am (highly likely depending on the quality of it!) not taking on anymore projects.

Stuart Carter