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Whats the deal?

Due to the incredible, almost overwhelming sales volume throughout 2020, I decided it would be an incredible time to start my next venture - The Stuart Carter black card.


Think of it kinda like what some banks has or a restaurants might have for their premium guests & customers. In banking terms, a black card is a type of extremely exclusive credit card that is almost solely reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Typically, the cards are available on an invitation-only basis. Some restaurants give these to celebrities - Ed Sheeran notoriously talks about his Nandos black card.


The difference here is its firstly not invitation only (It will be at first launch whilst I onboard people, then it will go full public and not be invitation only) and secondly, you dont have to be wealthy & rich for this one! Essentially it is an all access, all grabbing, do what you want on my website card. The same as the above except there wont be a physical card, but a digital one!


You will have access to my entire library of digital downloads from the past, you will have free roam and download of every single asset I create moving forward, at no extra cost and a bunch of other perks which are broken down below. It is very similar to Patreon I guess, However, Patreon is not me, its third party, I cannot attach digital assets to it and I want our community to stay right here. I want to have full control of what goes out, what comes in, and ultimately what people have access to etc.

Who is it for?

This will be perfect for those of you who I see pop up on my Paypal month in review, every month! Perfect for those who want to excel in the new year. If you are someone who is committed to growing, developing yourself both inside & out and developing your skills and your life in all avenues, this is for you. The level of value i am dropping in this in 2021 is ridiculous. I will be tripling down on 2020's digital offering.

Whats included?

  • - Access to every digital asset I create moving forward as soon as created.

  • - Eventually there will be exclusive & unlisted YouTube videos monthly (not available to public YouTube)

  • - Access to my private email address (created just for Black card members to get direct answers)

  • - Access to a Telegram group run by me which I will be periodically chatting in

  • - Monthly challenges (This will be in the form of 12, 30 day challenges)

  • - YouTube lives & study with me's once a month

  • - You will get a unique code which is specific to you

  • - Also get access to every digital asset I have created in the past, drip fed to avoid those pesky pay once download everything and run types haha! You will simply "unlock" past downloads each month, but will get access to every single item - Over £200 worth!

To put that into simpler terms, If you imagine say, next month, I have a Notion template coming out thats £12... You saved £3 on that that month, let alone all the other freebies included. It just works out better in the long run for those who really like my content, but it also is a complete no brainer for anyone who wants to grow all year in all avenues because I will be pushing you all for growth. Which leads me to the next question...

How worth it will it be? How much will I put out?!

The plan is to ultimately make this as worthwhile for you as possible, as it would be otherwise, a complete waste of your time & money doing it. To ensure this, I will put out at the very least, one asset a month at a minimum. This might be a Notion template at say £12, a PDF guide, A fitness programme, A growth programme, all coming in at above £35 each. Heck, there might be times where I put out two of those in one month totalling £65+ to the regular viewer! I have 7 downloads already written up ready to go! I can guarantee you will get more than double your contribution each month. FACTS! 

How much?

Just £8.99 a month - Cheaper than Netflix, with more value, cheaper than a gym membership - and trust me i'll whip you into shape, Its basically the price of a large Starbucks hazelnut latte each month, which is insane if you think about it. So much valuable and growth focused content, mixed with downloads, templates, challenges, layouts etc, that's genuinely gonna help you out in life, for the price of a large coffee each month! This will not be a contract, you can cancel anytime. No strings!

Dope! How can I get in?


You can now sign up for your black card below!!