The promotion I have been building up for these last few weeks!


In this phenominal bundle you get:


- BOTH Notion templates - How incredible and life changing it has been in terms of organising your life, your projects, your finances, just organising and storing everything. This is £12 on its own normally.


I made a productivity masterclass in which I built out another Notion from scratch which turned out so good that I decided thats my new notion i use daily, I then put that one up on my website for - £8... chuck it up in the corner... This is also included in this bundle!


I then spent about 4 months writing a step by step course teaching you guys how I went from 0 to 5000 subscribers on Youtube in 7 months, and how you can grow to be full time online and earn passive income... Honestly, not to brag but the feedback I am getting from the hundreds who have bought it so far has been amazing, literally seeing all of you popping up new channels on youtube and i love to see that! I put that on my website for £50 (its currently still on its launch offer of £15 though... and will be at full price soon) but that iis also included in this bundle!


I have another download coming out officially in a month. But its my full workout plan, Every high intensity workout, my nutrition guide, my full gym plan, my running & cycling plan, literally a follow along plan i used for getting myself from fat and unmotivated to literally the best shape I have ever been in... Not only is it every programme I have purchased and tailored into my own routines, and jam packed with exactly what it it will take for you to be in the best shape of your life, but it also has in there what i do on a daily basis from the conor mcgregor workout programme which i pay £20 a month for myself... That whole entire workout guide will eventually go up on my website when i release my 1 year transformation video in a couple months, for £35... That is also included n this bundle..


If we total all those up, we arrive at £105 for all my digital assets I have created over 2020...


I am practically giving away this ultimate bundle, everything included for 12 bucks... Thats it, 12 bucks, no hidden small print, you click that one link, download both my notion templates i spent months creating, my workout and nutrition plan that got me from fat and miserable to shredded and confident, my Youtube Growth course that step by step guides you from 0 subscribers through to 5000 plus and earning a living from youtube... And all my film oveerlays and effects and all my professional sound effects.... All neatly stored in one zip file. In one download.


I have thrown in my Sound effects pack with over 300 sound effects that I have used on projects for Sony music, Tony Robbins, russell brand, Nike, Adiidas, & my own youtube channel, you can use these in any video projects you like... A sound pack of this size like this would easily go for £30 plus... Im including that too...


Guess what? All my professional film work folders full of effects and overlays, im dropping that n the bundle too, Theres again over 150 light hits, lens flares, Old VHS lookiing presets, Gltches, split tones... Basically everything I have collected as a professonal filmmaker over the last 5 years, am putting in this bundle. Im not gonnaa liee, some of these lens flares I remember I paid 40 bucks fro years ago!

This would normally come in at around £165 but like I said, its time to give back! 


Its all yours now for just £12!


Stuart Carter Ultimate Bundle 2020

£165.00 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
  • Included:

    2 x Notion Templates

    1 x YouTube Growth Course

    1 x Workout, diet & routine programme

    1 x Sound FX pack

    1 x Film overlays & Effects pack