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Welcome to SHARP!

I am the biggest geek, so when it comes to learning something new... I go all in! I have to know the intricate details of how things work. You could say I become obsessed with things pretty easily.

I have always been a runner, averaging a couple hundred miles a year, but it wasn't until 2019 when I properly got myself into the gym scene. I know right? thats only 3 years, but in that time frame I have mastered the entire process, from kitchen to gym, from home workouts to consistency, habit forming & motivation.

I have also been very blessed to have created a community of 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, amassing over half a million views, featured on LAD Bible, Mens health.com, Snapchat news and selling over 5,000 fitness programmes across the world in 2 years. Not to mention, The "Notorious" Connor McGregor shared me on his story when I posted my 9 month transformation picture.


I believe these achievements are still only the beginning for me and one that is seeing my programme break the mould of the generic influencer fitness guides online.

Coming into 2022 (and after the success of my fitness programme sales throughout 2020/2021) I decided to strip away the one off programmes and put my focus into a one stop course for people wanting to be in the best shape of their lives. And so, SHARP was born.

SHARP is not just a list of things you could do in the gym like some programmes, it is an entire cycle, every process from start to finish. It will take you from a simple breakdown of the science of how muscles grow and our fat melts off, through to the optimum diet, what to eat, when to eat, the exact progressive overload routine to follow on the gym floor and my own custom made High Intensity home routines (all now with high quality video examples).


It doesnt matter if you are 16 or 65, male or female, my programmes use the science of the human body to achieve results.


Below is a simple bullet point breakdown of what is included in all of the courses:

  • A 9 month progressive overload daily gym routine, sets & reps included (with videos of each move)

  • A custom made High Intensity video for you to follow along with

  • A diet plan of exactly what to eat for Carnivores, Vegetarians & Balanced eaters

  • A schedule of when to train, what type of training at that time & when to eat

  • An empty habit tracker for you to tick off daily as the months roll by

It is now time to drop the excuses and begin building, using scientific techniques, the best, most athletic physique you ever bodied your soul in.

Grab the programme below, open up the immediate download in your inbox & I look forward to meeting you on the introduction page...


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