Thats correct, you read it right! Yes, before this whole YouTube thing got wild and took off at 9000 miles per hour, I was creating movies for clients all over the place. However, Even further back, I was a Social Media expert at a top London Advertising agency. I left that job in 2016 and set up my own Social Media Growth & Management company. By 2017 I had over 120 clients in 23 different countries around the world. On average I gained my clients around 1300 new fans & followers from their niche, every single month. 

In 2018 this gave us the title of the #1 organic instagram growth service in Europe, with most of our clients coming from America, Australia and Europe! We became the most natural growth service in town, beating off those pesky fake robot follower companies from India. Luckily nowadays, Instagram has cracked down and banned most fake follower spammers, which has meant a boom in business for legitimate companies like us! Great news!


Going into 2019 I decided to add this service back into my artillery. This means I can now fully immerse myself back in the world of social media growth & Management, alongside my ever exploding Youtube content creation. Its perfect for me as i get to contribute all I have learned over the years in social media growth, into the accounts I passionately work on.



Heres what I can offer you:

  • Hyper Targeted promotional & Sponsored campaigns

  • Anywhere from 300 to 700 new followers a month on Instagram

  • Followers are from your niche (We do this by engaging only the most interactive followers of the top accounts in your market)

  • Monthly stats emailed directly to your inbox detailing the growth work done

  • A massive increase in natural engagement (We email you the % increase each month)

  • All work is done through the Official Instagram App & Two licensed tools we use.

  • Youtube & Instagram Growth hacking eBooks sent each month!!

  • Organic Instagram growth with all kickbacks targeted at YouTube growth (What i'm doing for myself right now!)

Heres what I cannot offer you:

  • Cheap fake followers

  • Overnight Success

  • 10 Million followers/subscribers a month

  • A social media influencer in a week


Heres why you should use me:

  • Everything I do for you is what I have done for over 600 accounts I have grown to over 1.2 million followers combined.

  • Everything I do is organic, targeted and natural.

  • Everything I do ultimately saves you time. Sometimes entire days of work fly by, me growing your account so you can just focus on creating content & posting.

  • I am a certified marketing specialist.

  • I was a signed influencer at BMA Influencers (London) so understand the fundamentals of gaining my own 40K followers.

  • Gained 100,000 views & half a million minutes watch time in 9 months on YouTube.

  • I am still considered by executives at leading agencies as a "Go to" lone wolf guy.

  • If you had the knowledge and the 4 hours + a day it takes to gain 1000+ a month you wouldn't be on this page.

  • All of your competitors either do this, or I have approached them.

Heres how I do it (FAQ)

First off, most frequent question: Is this legit? As mentioned, multiple times (In this day and age you have to mention it multiple times as humans have a thing for thinking they are being deceived in all things in life!) What I do is natural and organic, which in turn, gains natural organic REAL followers. Trust me, If a company has only the intention to sell you fake followers, thats only going to last a month before you clock on... Then you leave, and give them a bad wrap. Please have a little more respect for me when thinking this, considering this is all tied to my brand and name at the start of a new adventure on YouTube. I'd jeopardise no goal of mine on the off chance I could do this for a few extra pennies. I am branded as authentic and organic for a very good reason. Besides, Its 2020, Instagram has full on cracked down on cowboys & fairytales! I hope that answers it!

I work directly within the instagram app, I access your account with you (Dont worry, i use desktop, so have no access to your DM's so cant go snooping on who your sliding into). Because of this, i am able to officially work on any instagram account on earth. We use a combination of techniques to grow your account from the inside to out. Firstly, after successful sign up from yourself, we find the absolute top accounts in your niche. So say for example You are a soon-to-be travel instagram influencer, We would go to accounts like Sam Kolder, Jay Alvarrez & Alexis Ren, then we use our paid tools to find the most highly engaged followers of those accounts. Boom, we then do this on another 20 influencers, then we are left with thousands of highly engaged fans of travel influencers. One of the best things about the service then kicks in... We start building relationships and engagement with those followers accounts... A few nice comments, a bunch of likes, a tailored message here and there, whitelisting them to comment at certain times when we see is perfect for engagement, making communities and lists... Within a short time frame, these "top fans" of Jay Alvarrez, will then see you as a budding star in the community and come check out your page... They then see you & say "Hey, this persons a travel instagrammer with an account like Jay Alvarrez, Im going to follow him!"... The next thing you know, you have thousands of Jays fans coming to your page and you are on your way!! (Not possible? I just told you my story!) We have also introduced story view which is a massive boost too!

This is one of around 25 different methods we use with technical growth plans. Obviously most of these methods are the same ones agencies use for accounts like Nike, Adidas, Sony to name a few... The truth of it is, none of this is hard, its actually quite simple. Just like most things in life, if you dont overcomplicate things, you can achieve most things. The problem is not how hard it is, it's just incredibly time consuming and tiring. Working instagram accounts properly can take hours and hours every day including Sundays, If you want the big account and want the life freedom being big on social media gives you, stop day dreaming and start growing. This wont come overnight, it takes time to be legit.


So take a load off, let me grow you through the stratosphere, and you can be left to literally just create content and post it... That way you can wake up each morning and see your like comments and followers raising up and up and you dont have to lift a finger but to hit upload on a post! 



OK, Stu, I'm in! How much is this Service?

Here is a brief overview of packages, and a full break down below this paragraph. We have three different plans. The first is aimed at those who dont want to break the bank, want to take a steadier start, and want to know this is the life for them. You could class this as a trial period price, at just £25. (This was free but proxies and licenses to run accounts properly are needed and come to £20 so we had to bump it to £25 so we can not eat just Noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner). The second package is our main package with all the trimmings, all singing all dancing outright best instagram growth package thats blown 600+ accounts to almost a million followers over two years combined - That bad boy is currently £40 but likely to go up (Last year we increased our prices 4 times to stall "bottom enders" from coming for a few months then going - we like to work with high premium, great human, great beings who understand the hard work we do & will appreciate the time and effort we will give their accounts). We then have a corporate package at £100 which is directed at companies and small business's only. If you are a company or individual coming back to join my service again, welcome home, great to have you back! If you are a new company or human being, you can find a break down below of what is in your package. All prices are on a per month basis.



The Complete

The Business




  • 400+ Organic Followers a month

  • Stats emailed to you each month

  • Channel competitor research

  • Hashtag research

  • 3+ Hours a day activity on account

  • FREE Insta to influencer eBook

  • 700+ Organic Followers a month

  • Stats emailed to you each month

  • Channel competitor research

  • Hashtag research

  • 6+ Hours batch work on account a day

  • FREE Influencer bible

  • eBooks each month

  • Engagement % Increase

  • Story Templates

  • 60 Day Money back guarantee* 

  • 1000+ Organic Followers a month

  • Stats emailed to you each month

  • Company competitor research

  • Hashtag research in your market

  • FREE corporate Bible

  • eBooks each month

  • Engagement % Increase

  • Story Templates

  • 60 Day Money back guarantee*

  • Targeted at customers who bought similar products

  • Facebook Ads set up

  • £20 FB ad spend

  • Dominate your market in your area with local targeting.

* 60 Day money back guarantee is something we are incredibly proud to offer, it is absolutely unheard of in the social media growth market, which is why being different to everyone else, it is important to us that we deliver on our promise! There is no contracted small print here, I'm not some big corp company, I dont have rules and regulations in place becasue quite frankly I and you have a life - just dont be a dick with it... It is still at my discretion to offer this guarantee, so dont get to the 59th day after two months of hard work and say "Nahhhh, give me all my money back" because you will find yourself on the blockiest of block lists from all future content. This Guarantee is to anyone who I feel I did not service to my best abilities or someone who is genuinely upset with how things went for them, and the stats show reasoning for them to be upset... This is great though as I think out of 600 accounts over three years we had about 60 odd leave... And they were only through not being able to afford this small fee any longer. The Newbie package is the first two month price only, Then you can decide your next plan. you will not be upgraded automatically, thats not cool of people to do that automatically, you will be contacted before the 2nd month is up and asked if you want to join us on the proper package! We only accept Paypal as it is the worlds leading payment provider, it gives us & you the 100% reassurance that we are safe with handling payments online across the world. Results are not typical and may vary. We are a service, not a tool, so figures may fluctuate.