Stuart Carter Films is the trading name of which the self employed person, Stuart Carter, performs under. Any work or names related to Stuart Carter fall under the banner of Stuart Carter Films. This includes my YouTube channel, social media accounts, clothing brands & the temporary wedding films banner/Brand of "Forever Platinum Films", Which states that all FPF terms & conditions are covered by the mother companies (Stuart Carter Films) terms & conditions. By working or signing into any agreement with any name under any of the Stuart Carter Films brands, you agree to the terms & conditions on this page. These terms & conditions have been in place for 4 years, been run over by a solicitor and are not likely to change. Under any circumstance.

Film Work


Deposits are always required to book out a date in Stuart Carters diary. This is non refundable under all circumstances. Deposits are due on the date the invoice is sent from Stuart Carter, you have a 5 day grace period to pay in, after that, a wait fee of £25 is added. If after 10 days invoice has not been paid, your date will be cancelled, and due to my busy schedule, you might not be notified of its cancellation. 


After deposits paid

Strictly, no deposits are refundable. If the event is cancelled by Stuart Carter or natural causes, a refund will be issued. If you cancel, cannot make the date or decide to have a change of heart, this deposit is completely non refundable. During these COVID 19 times, I am happy to help out if I feel it is the right thing to do, however, contractually I am under no obligation to issue one. 

After film work is complete

After film work is complete, an invoice will be sent for the remaining balance with the first cut of film (With watermark throughout), and is due within 5 days of me sending it. Every day not paid in full after that a £10 late payment fee will be added. This £10 is then added daily thereafter. 

Digital Downloads

Any and all digital downloads from this website are final & non refundable. Due to the fact that every digital download is immediately sent out automatically on email when purchased, I have no control over this as it is built to do this automatically, therefore non returnable and you would then have that product, I will strictly not refund any purchase on digital assets. If you have any issue with the technical side of, for example, a website crash and an email not coming out to you, please contact me via email, with receipt, so i can resolve this quickly for you. Please also note, Notion templates often format differently on different devices & search engines/apps, therefore if a Notion Template looks slightly different when downloaded to what it did on my YouTube video, this is not a case for a refund. I am now covering myself as the seller of all digital items, that in any case you are not happy with the way something looks on my YouTube compared to the end download, legally you are NOT entitled to a refund. This is purely down to the fact in 2020 many people took advantage of this by buying a product, seeing some of the formatting out of alignment, requesting a refund through Paypal, and Paypal giving them the refund on the basis "Item was not as described"... Then the buyer would go back to the download and take 30 seconds of their time to format it to be perfect for their device/screen and they have my entire product with all the original attributes, for free. I lose, they win, Paypal's compliance covers them on that. Which is outrageous. This is (finally) my counteract on that. Again, due to the fact that I cannot retract something you bought and own of mine, I now strictly will not refund on any digital downloads. Paypal - Please update your seller protection to stop content creators losing out on thousands of dollars a year. Thank you.

Delays & guarantees on all forms of work

Unless work has a contractually agreed deadline date, Stuart Carter Films holds the right to take as much time as needed on any project or service that Stuart Carter Films offers. If film work has no agreed deadline the deposit or paid amount will not be returned, for example if a client pays a certain amount for a YouTube video but does not give a deadline date, you are not illegible for a refund as Stuart Carter Films could work on this at a convenient time frame. This means clients who need projects must always state deadline dates that projects are due. again In terms of guarantees, Stuart Carter Films does not guarantee. you will become YouTube or Instagram famous from using his services. I do not promise or guarantee figures and you buy the YouTube growth courses as a guide for you to follow and understand it is down to the level of work you put it and not my guide that will do the work for you. Likewise I do not guarantee instagram followers as the service I provide is organic engagement and ultimately wether some one follows you back or engages with you, is out of my hands. Stuart Carter Films does not refund on social media growth courses, wether that be a purchased course or a service I am provider as your social media manager. Nothing is guaranteed and you sign into that when you join, buy or download any of those. 


The videos on my YouTube channel are provided for information and entertainment purposes only. Please seek the help of a qualified regulated financial professional for any money advice & a qualified Personal Trainer for fitness advice. I am not held accountable or responsible for any investment loses that might occur through my investment programme, as the market fluctuates, and I am not held accountable or responsible for any injuries attained from following my fitness programmes. Consult a doctor before performing any of the tasks in my course.